How To Create your own Domain with zero cost !

by karthikselvakumar

From the day I started browsing I used to think of whats this .com and why can’t i get my own . I  browsed among various sites and finally found its all money stealers  and they are not running charity anyway :P.

As a frequent surfer I came across a site  which proviedes domain for free .For the first site it also seemed weird for me but still I proceeded with registration process .Then it needs a paypal account and I created one with my dad’s ATM card  ( our only source of money 😛 ) .

Then I got my link working after 3 hours without any amount deduction . Now when i got my link working I will disable my card in Paypal  😀 . I can enjoy .com domain for 1 year and  ofcourse for the next year I would be working in a reputed IT company ( even possibilities are less ) and 9 dollar for renewing my domain would be not at all a great thing 🙂 .  The link to the website is here. And expecting every one to get their own .com domain  .