twitmdu2010 meet – A good init on twitter awareness

by karthikselvakumar

Plot to escape :

I used to worry at every Sundays why I have to waste my precious hours in boredom CAT class in TIME and always used to seek a chance to escape from it . By this time I got a tweet from twitmdu2010 .Its really amazing to hear a IT techtalk being organized even in madurai that too free of cost ( rather not like other money gaining useless workshops or conferences ) .Even I didn’t had a chance to register online I went directly there asking for spot registration.

Welcome to twitmdu2010:

Fortunately their welcome was pleasing and well-organized which I didn’t even expect . Then after a short intro to twitter and how it works they started the session .

Why and how to use twitter :

At the start they frankly mentioned twitter is used by 90 % people for their boredom and to kill time on something. Well then bloggers too used  spam their followers with unwanted posts an blah blah ..But the main aim of every twitter user is to gain as many followers as possible . They may be ranging from  personal thoughts about a user or a brand based canvasing or any tips and new things about technology.Anything it may be the main mantra to get as many followers is Quality Content in your each and every tweets.

The two keys @ and # are explained where @ is to gain attention of particular user and # tag to make other people make their search way easily to you.Then inorder to contact celebrities you like and ask them or to know what they are doing at present is easily possible through twitter since it has  ‘on the go’ support from iPhone or PC even through sms  channels around the world .

Do’s about tweets:

Even they clearly mentioned 140 characters is more than enough for displaying your view try to make it within 100 characters  . Because  retweets may add you name with @ tag . Next thing is choose you name as small as possible . Lecture by Mr. Kalyana sundaram he said why he choose his user name as “$5” was really good and others too try to have shorter one like that .

Don’ts about twitter:

If you tweet about several things and diverge the followers from what they want then sure you gonna loose them .So streamline your passion towards a single line or at least HashTag your tweet with appropriate words.Bad thing you may have to be mentioned about twitter is following huge number of peoples with a intention that you may get huge knowledge from all parts of the world by doing so. Best case is to have 35 to 50 followers whom you think worthy and you actually know about him.Tweets are not intended for grocery or wholesalers business ( you can try google business as choice for that ) . IT and IT related stuffs gain more trends and importance in twitter.

Tweets as News Agent:

Amazing facts are even NASA tweets the current status of space and many geo-testing plants tweet the earthquake prone area to save people . Many news like tiger woods have been first put on twitter other on any outstanding news channels like CNN or BBC .

Twitter API development :

Going on towards twitter development any one can start developing twitter application using twitter API for any language. I tried it with java and python and found it working 🙂 .Choice of which API to choose depends on the programmers perspective and its speed of refreshing .I heard something like more than 250 times ping from API  per hour will black list particular user and don’t show further tweets. Its a sad news for me :(. But  developers can claim a 20,000 ping per hour by just priory asking permission to twitter developers :).

Added services on twitter :

For URL shortening and spamming others ( sometimes useful :D) use

similarly you can share anything as in other social network like .

* picture upload by twit.pic

* feed updater by twit.feed

* upload a video by twit.vid

and so on additional services are emerging for twitter .

Sad Incident about # tag :

Then heard a short session about CCD sucks with tag  #CCDsucks . Really humorous 😀 .To be in precise whenever yu get a negative remark about you in twitter with a # tag say for e.g) #karthikselvaSucks

just dont reply to it by using same tag but reply to such negative tweets by adding #karthikselvaResponse tags and  mention you reply clearly to particular user who gave you such remark. Never use the same hash tag to reply and loose your reputation yourself.

Im sorry I missed the afternoon session and I found really worthy  to spent my time there @twitmdu2010

Thank you for organizing such a great event twitmdu2010 and expecting more camps like this 🙂

But I still have a doubt how and why twitmdu has to organize this informative camp for free ??