Setting up a Virtual Network

by karthikselvakumar

* Make sure all your network harware works properly (e.g. Ethernet Cards, Network cables etc.)
* Click the NetworkManager Applet in your top panel of GNOME environment.
* Select VPN Connections | Configure VPN
* Choose Wired tab
* Click Add button
* Provide your new connection a name
* Trace the MAC address of your Ethernet Card from the existing connection (e.g. Auto eth0)
* Choose IPv4 Settings tab
* Set the Method as “Manual”
* Under Addresses section, Click add button.
* A new tuple (or record or row) appears.
* Fill the column with appropriate data. (e.g. | |
* The subnet mask address must be given as per your IP address
* Click Apply
* Now back to the Network Connection window
* A new network connection will be displayed
* Close it
* Click NetworkManager Applet in the top panel of the GNOME
* Select your network setup
* Wait for a while
* A new network has been set up

Nota Bene:

Do the same with different IP address for different computers.
Ensure all the IP address fall in the same network.
—- and falls in same network,
but and is not the same.

Now transferring files between two systems and remote shell login

* Ensure your computer has  OpenSSH installed in it.
* Else, please spend some time installing it.
* It can be installed by “sudo apt-get install openssh*”
* After installing SSH, type the command to restart it
* sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart ( in all computers )
* Now check the ssh by the command “ssh localhost”
* If it works properly, now are ready to transfer and share fun

Transferring files:

* Have the file to be transferred in a place (let we take sample.txt)
* We want to transfer the sample.txt to strawberry user at
* The command is: scp sample.txt strawberry@ ( . represents home folder)
* Cool, work is done

Courtesy : P U Karthik