Building your fax machine with nothing :)

by karthikselvakumar

Now you can build your own fax machine with your linux box

Requitements :

i) Linux OS

ii) GSM mobile

iii) A basic printer device


i) Gnokii-smsd

ii) Mysql

if you have any problem in configuring your mobile and your linux you can refer to this article

Now assume your sms daemon is up and running and you have all your messages in INBOX table of SMSGW database

with simple steps you can make your own fax machine

step 1)

configure your printer and check wheteher a test page is being printed . Else install appropriate driver first from hplip

step 2)

then as in dicitionary server connect to mysql database  and  just add an if  condition

the core part is

up=” echo \””+str(word.replace(“fax:”,””))+”\” > print.txt”;
low=” cat print.txt | lpr -P HP_LaserJet_1020″

then just execute the both as

import os



step 3)

Here , after lpr -P < your printer name > for me it is HP_LaserJet_1020

then  mention the mobile number as the fax number of your company  and you will start receiving faxes in papers instead of text messages 🙂

step 4)

Then let the mobile you attached to PC be +xxxxxx

now people who fax you will send a message like

fax:< Their message here >

step 5)

you can add an authentication  module in between receiving and printing the message

Enjoy 🙂