Make your own OS

by karthikselvakumar

Make your Operating System of your choice with five simple steps ( for linux geeks only ) :

Step 1: Download and install Reconstructor

Downloads click here

and run sudo dpkg -i

Step 2: Meta–>System Tools –> Recontructor

Now open the package reconstructor from system tools and enter your root password  . Click Next .

Step 3: Choose alternate cd option
on available options choose alternate cd to make a installable bootable OS  , or live cd fr live session of the cd

Step 4:  setting up the base

Now choose the working directory  and swap space to work up . Locate the iso image of your ubuntu CD or enter Ubuntu CD into cd rom

Step 5:adding up your own packages

Now you can add new packages or delete the unwamnted ones  and choose wallpapers , thems , the appln to boot on start up , the one you dont need with simple interface

and finally create disk will create your fresh piece of distro

You can have a try of remaster sys or  if you are really a linux geek try to do from scratch try the lengthy  step as in Linux  wiki  with squashfs tools

Now you can burn this iso image and distribute among your circle and call this as your   NEW DEVELOPED OS  as people say  😛