Using windows NT Boot Loader with Linux

by karthikselvakumar

Is your Box factory manufactured with windows and cant use Linux Grub or LILO ?

Do you wanna taste the difference booting your Linux system through a windows boot loader ?

Follow Five simple steps To make it working :

Step i) Copy your grub.bin file to windows

Open your terminal and run dd if=/dev/sdaN of=grub.bin bs=512 count=1 where N denotes your Linux installed medium


Step ii) Copy the grub.bin file to c:\

Well now boot into windows and copy grub.bin file to your windows primary medium (you can use flash medium to take grub.bin from linux )


step iii) working out in boot.ini

now set all previleges to boot.ini file by running attrib -r -w -s c:\boot.ini on windows


step iV) add the linux entry to it

Open the boot.ini file and add a line c:\grub.bin=”XPUD ” denoting XP with Ubuntu Desktop , Name is  of your choice


Step v) save and restart

Now save all the changes and restart now you will see the windows NT loader showing two entires windows and Linux


Switch between any of choices as you wish 😉


note i: If you got any fatal errors during the switch over try replacing grub by a rescue disk

note ii: if you choose not to place MBR with GRUB during linux installation then  you have no choice to load your Linux from hard disk ( for advanced users ) then you can use live CD and run above commands for Linux to fix it up

If you are ready to loose the power of grub and want something experimenting and new I recommend this 😉