Is New Orkut Really New ?

by karthikselvakumar

Well few days Back I heard something called new orkut . It took weeks before since last time I logged in  Orkut . Facebook attracted me more and some how addicted to it .Now heard about “New Orkut “ I came back to my old orkut 🙂 .


Goodness I got invite from some one ( sad thing is New Orkut too is a Invite and use system ). Well when I saw try new orkut at top , Clicked it really expecting a amazing wonder as an Alice . But I seen a page something very similar to face-book which disappointed me a lot .


What they say new in this version are …


i) They say ‘ Friends updates are available to every one ‘ .. Do you guess this thing new as an FB user  😛


ii) second ‘Every one can comment on any friends notification , updates ,application and friend acceptance ‘ .


iii) A new thing I found interesting is Video chatting integrated with orkut ( pity on Linux users , it says ‘ OS not supported ‘)


iv) Best feature I found in this release is IE 6 is not at all supported 🙂 .


v) Next humorous thing I found is adding a general sucky template  and five sticky colors  of their own  choice and  they said  ” Pick your favorite colors We’ve made orkut even more colorful ”  ..


vi) Speed is the main thing they mentioned they have increased .. But instead of static pages I can see my page still buffering in status bar  ( stealing my pity small free  download limit I have 😦 )


vii) And the highlight of all is they mentioned moving chat bar from left side to right side as a new feature 😀 ( I guess the only thing they didnt imitate is the notification bar you can see under  as In face Book )



New Orkut

I guess it may take time to  digest this things and to switch over to new orkut .  The thing I like the most is the prefix Beta in Orkut  ( a word which can answer almost  all the bugs  user raises 😛  )