SEM V ‘.’

by karthikselvakumar

5 Th sem :(

Semester five .. well a suckiest sem I have ever seen .

well every time I speak I used to say the latter is the worst . But now situation seems more and more bad 🙂 . Writing exams for filling up 3 hours and not even bothering about labs . But actually that’s the sem i thought to do lots and more 😛 .

successfully completed my semester examinations at worser than worse. That doesn’t even matter for me . Thought of enjoying a full month leave .Nothing gonna help me releaving from this boring holidays ( I tried everything I can ) . But happiest one is Sem V is no more . I have passed by one of the 8 . ( Not sure about results )

But this semester made a huge list of remarkable things and actually I feel the semester I have enjoyed a lot relatively . Proximity knows about that :P. Let it B.

Thought of doing some useful things in this holidays .Let me see what awaits 😉 .