Eye cursor

by karthikselvakumar

Eye Cursor is a mobility-aided device for persons with
moderate/severe physical disabilities or chronic diseases as well as
the elderly
Mouse is one of the traditional method of controling a
computer. But handicap are not suitable for using mouse. Hence as a
replacement of mouse for them and easify us too in controlling our pc
we can have another method of controlling it. That is using eye’s
(pupil) motion to move cursor on screen and right and left eye wink to
make clicks around the pc’s . The plan is to make a cheaper
replacemnt of mouse hence every one gets benefited .
Main hardware parts needed are a vga camera with light
and a accelerometer , ir sensor all comes around a price of 2000 and
even gets decreased when fabricated into single hardware.
Java is used as software driver which works on set of
fractionally captured images and performs movemnet on screen
relative to pupil. And the add on features like retinal encryption is
implemented if user wants secure mode of transaction.
You can download the paper by clicking here