Saving Private Ryan

by karthikselvakumar

Steven Spielberg’s great movie. Rather animative or more fiction as rest of his movies , this one is a real paced movie about a war.

The movie is all about bringing back a man James Ryan from battle field to home , since rest of his brothers have dead in action .A troop of eight under Capt. Miller searches for Ryan . Every character is depicted more keenly and each one’s death remembers the moment they lived before in film . Stale one is story of Ryan’s remembrance of his brothers . Mass Death at sea shore and entry of battalion seems more wet .

Mysteries thing is why German troop man call’s Upham( American translator under miller ) by his name before he is shot dead. Reiben’s Head shot on German sniper remembers me the same thirst of revenge i felt in subramanipuram . Tasting fruits in middle of charge turns out the serious one which’s needed to humorous . Same flash back trend can be viewed here. Old aged Hero Private Ryan comes back to his past war memories .

I can speak lot about the captains role. Highly responsible man open to all corporals. His response to all humorous questions from the troop soldiers states , how he value the question even from his lower grade soldier. The word FUBER is unexplained till end.

Im more impressed by the capt. Miller ‘s role . Exact mirror of a war at ohama beach . capt .Miller’s Death makes every one mourn . Feel the real worth of every lives in war and spend a moment for them .