Dreamy one

by karthikselvakumar

Well Today i thought of getting early and finish off that record shit . but ofcourse I didnt ( Guess u knw hw lazy Im) .Then Have to cut my first hour and wrote my record . Then went to lab ( after a long gap) boldly. as usual she( staff in charge ) pinpointed a utter useless mistakes ( which are not at all relevant to subject say: ” why y u didnt underline sub headings” , “one class constructor is missing “) I dont even get what this guys get by criticising us . well let that pessimistic guys lick .

But Im basically fascinated by networks, a beautiful world of 1’s and 0’s transformed even to live video chatting .well i guess half an hour is more than enough for our lab session and rest time may alloted to bring out our innovative ideas . damn sure i will change this entire schema of this higher education if I get a chance .
seems hypothetical ? . let it b.

then got my attendance .ya i said ATTENDANCE . The only thing me and my mates bother about . then crossed a mesmerizing lecture by DAA Im inspired by his interactivity with us .
then a drizzle in and around our college .escaped quick to my home from college . Then hav to finish maths tutorial .

Bye !!