one of my boring lab session

by karthikselvakumar

Well today got up early then havent prepared for my lab . hence i have to cut my 3 and 4 th period ( as usual we do to write records ). before period is dbms , hard thing to bear a lump of wage hard disk stories RAID ( who needs these drums and tapes in age of “solid state disks ” ) . After two hours of wage old granee stories I had escaped to pump house ( my favourite relaxing place ) and however managed to take print out and wrote record .

Then as usual enter lab with no hopes and our ultimate aim is ATTENDANCE ATTENDANCE and only attendance . I however sustained to survive there since I had my record finished .Then browsing around systems and chatting with friends ( time passed by ) .who the bull shit made lab hours to three session . This made us more painfull job to cross by this sucky hours.
well then times up and we had to move out ( the moment i ever aim for after entering lab ) . then as i aid i went to tech quiz . my mate is absent and hence we moved up with aswin . then Fairly easy question . Bad luck we missed the easiest qn . well no probs Before entering finals i had no idea about going .

This is far better answering two questions we met. Then came back late home at 7 . then had to write my networks record . maths tutorial and lots more.

well bye meet u soon on blogging !!!