English a basic need for CAT

by karthikselvakumar

Ya english is higly needed for scoring a reasonable mark in CAT . May be easier for who have completed BEC or TOEFL or other standard courses . well then for who start from scratch wihout enough knowledge in english ( like me ) you may do read “The Hindu ” .

I know its a tougher job to start with reading even a paragraph at start . Then find the words which are new words Have a mark ther . then proceed reading till para ends. Then come back to first line search in your dictionary the words . ( kind advice is to have a book edition of dictionary rather refering softwares ) . well then read the para again ( with meaning of every words known ) and understand the meaning.

At start most of the words in newspaper may resemble new to you . But they will start reducing if you proceed this till atleast amonth .then move on from a single para to few para ‘s extra .then increase the number of pages you read per day.

Test how many words you can read at one minute .keep track on this and reduce this for even complicated paragraphs .

Then meet you soon with next excercise !!