Culturals in My college

by karthikselvakumar

well late entry to college . Not sure about mam’s mind set she left us in. Then consquent classes ( hard thing to bear) made me mad.Then wrote csi c contest prelims today . Hope i wrote well . But i have to concentrate on that ( as said earlier ). then we have been selected to tech quiz finals at 10 th. Hope its a good news since even im unaware of current affairs i crossed it. Then have to prepare for TGMC ( remember long time ago…)

Decided to put paper on BITS. Even its of no worth I thought of making a try. Guess I have to tune a lot before presenting Live.

Then we had culturals named shristi today. about two hours of stale speech ( evry one got irritated at end )
the culturals actually begun . inspired by their songs and dance (not all) . came home late by eight .

thats it bye !