Head ache starts …………

by karthikselvakumar

As i said internals are over by yesterday the writing works like assigment started .We have to write a bulk of record for networks ( even its off no use) and assigments ( only during class hours we used to write ) .

Then got up late today (8:10) and have to hurry up in morn. As usual classses are up . I have been suspected to write assigments today by my mam ( not sure whom she said ) .Then did my C contest finals today afternoon . Even its easier we struggled a bit. Came straight back to home .Planned to go my friends home .

I planned of taking a short documentry ( if i get enough mates ) for our college contest . Then I love riding my bike ( even its very short span from i have started riding ) especially today in that smooth zigzag roads from our college I loved it .

meet you back 2mrw on blogging Bye!!!