Sunday – Only day I like in the week

by karthikselvakumar

After all lectures and assigments ,tutorial, observation , records ( a big head ache for me) I feel free this day .

Throwing out all this non sense and a pleasent noon sleep ( ever I long for this in a week ) and having coffee at 5 eve.Then as usual nothing useful today even I was unable to sleep till 11 morn due to my CAT class . Ofcourse This is an add on for my head ache which depletes even my sunday pleasure .

Well I have to study hard TO STUDY HARD in MBA . I didnt know what even MBA comprises of . This is the same feeling which I had ( 3 years before ) when I joined BE Computer Science and engineering from mere BIO-MATHS background . you may be familiar with poem of blind mans representing a Elephant . similiarly at that time i used to look strangely at C programs . But now programming is mere an art of entertainment.

Well even of two days leave I didnt even touched my networks book ( remember I have internals tomorrow on that ) . Well Im leaving for group study ( angaum suma thaan iruka porom ) and too had to write record for my networks lab ( remember I have been expelled out Past 2 times ) to avoid the same. Bye meet you soon on blogging.