First paper in life

by karthikselvakumar

First time I did my paper in this fifth semester. No nervousness Im very happy ( because in second and third semesters i used to be afraid and shiver a lot to even say my name and city during first class of the semester ). But now i have devloped myself a courage that helps me a lot from getting rid of unwanted fears ( tamila sona gethu) . My paper is about ” EYE CURSOR ” i guess the topic itself is self explanatory . If more details is needed visit my f forum .
I got second price . Thats more cooler . My friend Rajesh had helped me a lot . Thank you rajesh . then apart from topic side my friend circle encouraged me rather blocking ( as doing usually) . This price is dedicated to RAJESH
( lateral entry) . Then I have and idea of presenting outside too.

Before that

    i have to speak as clear as possible ( simce many say my voice lacks clearness) .
    then i have to code it using java and sqlite.
    Then be clear about how im speaking . i have to be well trained to avoid obsolete delays